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Born to live, built to die

Can fashion media provide a platform to create a meaningful visual representation of its relationship with human kind in critiquing fashions critical agency? As an exploration of the complex interplay between humanity, fashion and technology, this meditative time-lapse short attends to paint a metaphorical landscape of the ebb and flow of the construct of fashion by documenting its lifespan as a carrier of messages, free to move through the passage of time. The book and accompanying film communicate the entropic notion of mass and loss. Here, fashion media provides a platform to create a symbolic representation that critiques the construct of fashion in order to help rethink the limits of materiality within consumption practices and its existing cycle. Thus establishing a narrative space of practice as inquiry to engage and enlighten the audience to a sensibility of the fashion system. View the project here.

Year: November 2019

Tags: Art Direction/Photography/Theoretical Enquiry

Mediums: Film, Still Life, InDesign, Analogue, Premier Pro

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